Sea in Zaostrog
Matutinović Family

Matutinović Family

Let us show you throughout these posts our story and story of Zaostrog.

Top 6 things Zaostrog has to offer

Is it typical summer destination?

No, it’s definetly not your typical summer destination. If you like to party hard, maybe you should reconsider visiting our small town. If, however, you are looking for peace, quiet and pristine nature, you are on the right place.  One thing is sure – after your holiday, you will be completely in love with Zaostrog. 

If you have been searching for private accommodation and looking for apartments for rent, you just might be in the right place. Let us show you why Zaostrog might be you next summer destination.

Monastery from the middle ages  

Hundreds of years before first tourists started coming to Zaostrog, it had become the home to Franciscan monks. The Franciscan Monastery of St Mary is the most important monument of Makarska Riviera. It will leave you breathless. Do not miss this remarkable monument, which has been the source of life in this part of Croatia for more than 500 years.   

Swimming in the pristine sea

Before you come to the conclusion that you can swim anywhere, you need to know that Zaostrog really is a small town. That means there are no crowds. That, and the fact that beaches in this picturesque place are crystal clean, will make it easy to understand why swimming is one of the things we highlight. If you prefer privacy, beaches hidden between rocks in secluded party of Zaostrog will make it possible for you to completely relax.


It makes sense, right? Here is why. All private accommodation in Zaostrog is surrounded by greenery and pine woods – from the shore line all the way to the foot of the mountain. Did you know that Dalmatia is a region with the smallest population of asthma patients? In addition, clean Zaostrog air will help you become one with the nature. 


Another activity that provides endless opportunities. From light cycling along the beach, to intensive, even extreme cycling all the way to the very top of Biokovo Mountain.  

Cycling in Zaostrog


This piece of advice may sound funny, but here is why it is not. Our small town is exactly half way between Dubrovnik and Split, which makes it an ideal starting point for visiting Dalmatia’s greatest pearls. That is not all. If you want to visit Međugorje, one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the world, it will take you less than an hour. But, as TV commercials say, that is not all. Our hometown overlooks Pelješac Peninsula, the islands of Korčula and Hvar, and numerous bays.


You may find this strange, as we live in a world in which everything is available with some effort and money, including food. Why fish? Well, imagine yourself sitting by the sea, fifty meters from your apartment. You are listening to waves with a fishing rod in your hand, and waiting. Waiting for your dinner to take the bait. Idyllical? It sure is. After you catch your dinner, there is a big grill in from of the house, waiting for you to prepare your food. If you are out of luck that night and do not catch fresh fish, and you are staying with us for more than 10 days, we will treat you and your family with traditional Dalmatian grilled fish. This is an offer you do not want to miss.

These are the six reasons why you should visit Zaostrog, although they are not the only ones for renting an apartment in Zaostrog, as our small town offers much more than fits in these lines.

If you have not been able to find private accommodation in Zaostrog, we can help you with that.

Yours truly

Matutinović Family

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