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Matutinović Family

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The best time to visit the Adriatic coast

You have probably heard the term ‘peak season’ at least once in your life. Generally, this is the period from mid-July to mid-August which most people like to spend on the coast. However, the question is whether the majority’s choice is actually the best choice. Here are several reasons why you might want to plan your vacation in private accommodation more wisely by choosing a different period.

We are sorry if your boss lets you have your vacation only in that period

For decades, the peak season has been the most popular period to visit the coast and there are several reasons for it. Nowadays, most people primarily choose it because they can get their days off to go to the coast only during this time of year. If you belong to this group, then this article might not be for you. On the other hand, if you have the freedom to choose, be sure to take into account the 3 main reasons for booking private accommodation ‘out of season’.

Travel budget and private accommodation

First things first, travelling and private accommodation in apartments cost. Yes, private accommodation generally is cheaper than a hotel, but that does not mean that you can’t get an even better bargain, right? If you have booked an apartment in Zaostrog and you are traveling from Zagreb, you can save 3.5 euros per direction if you travel during off-season. With less traffic on the motorway, you can count on taking fewer stops at rather expensive rest areas.

Accommodation is also 20 to 30% cheaper in May, June or September. For easier calculation, we’ll take as an example one of our most popular apartments – the ‘Friends’ apartment. If you decide to book in June or September, you will save 35 euros per day. For a standard seven-day stay including travel costs, you will save 250 euros!

Peace and quiet by the sea

There is a popular Dalmatian saying ‘Nije u šoldima sve’, which means money isn’t everything. If you share this view, here is another reason why you should book an apartment in off-season. In addition to less traffic on the motorway, there are fewer people on the beaches, as well as in restaurants and cafés. You can be sure that at certain times of day you will be sharing the beach with only a few other people.

Weather conditions

You must think that the weather in July and August is much nicer. It is nice, but not necessarily great. In addition to large crowds, July and August are also characterized by sweltering heat and often (very) warm sea. In June, the sea is just warming up, while in September it has cooled down to optimal temperature. For the last 15 years or so, the weather in September has traditionally been nice, so the term ‘Indian summer’ fits it perfectly.

These are our three reasons to book private accommodation in apartments in off-season.

If you need help choosing accommodation, we are at your disposal.

The Matutinović family

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